Welcome to the home of Twisted Mirrors.

To those who are new readers, there are actually two comics hosted on this site. The original Twisted Mirrors comic, which is complete, and its sequel Twisted Mirrors: Rift. If you would like to read the original comic from the beginning, you can do so by going to the first comic on the site, or by simply clicking here.

However, while TM:R is technically a sequel, it does not follow any of the original cast and is largely a stand-alone story, so it is not necessary to read the first comic before delving into TM:R. If you’re interested in jumping straight into the second comic, I’ll give you a quick rundown on the set-up of this world from the first comic here, though if you’d rather just jump right in – which should be fine – you can skip down to the link at the bottom of the page.

Twisted Mirrors is set in a world with three primary races: humans, elves, and boetheri. The boetheri are an animal-like people with fur and claws and fangs. They tend to have higher stamina than humans with male boetheri being somewhat stronger and female boetheri being somewhat faster. Beyond these small differences, they are otherwise very similar to humans.

Historically, boetheri society developed alongside the elves, though their culture was distinct from that of the elves. The elves were scholars and mages while the boetheri were laborers. When humanity finally came in contact with this shared civilization, they assumed that the boetheri were the elves’ servants and after going to war with the elves took the boetheri as slaves for themselves.

During the events of the first Twisted Mirrors comic, the first free boetheri began living among humans, and boetheri have began owning land and joining the nobility. As we enter the story of Twisted Mirrors: Rift, the world has not yet righted all of its historic wrongs and depending on the areas in which you travel there are both aristocratic boetheri and well as those enslaved.

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