To all new readers: welcome!

Normally, I’m not one for pages such as this, but this site is a bit unique as there are two comics that are posted here, and so I want to make the situation clear for anyone who may be new to it all.

The first comic is “Twisted Mirrors”, the original story. If you go back to start at the beginning then that is the comic you will have to read. This comic is completed in its entirety. It’s a bit older, and carries some mistakes as i was learning by doing, but it is complete, so if you’re interested in reading through that story, you can find it here.

The second comic is Twisted Mirrors: Rift. That is the comic you will see on the front page. It is currently ongoing. This comic is a sequel to the first, but it is merely set in the same world. It does not have any returning cast, nor is there any lore that’s really necessary to understand in order to enjoy it. It’s somewhat more polished than the first comic after learning from my mistakes the first time, but as stated, it is unfinished.
If you want to skip right to the new comic, you an get to the beginning of that one here.

Thank you for checking out this story! I hope you all enjoy!