Two pages for ya! Happy Holidays!

Actually, it’s two pages because I didn’t think the second page stood alone as well as the first one, but the timing works out.

So, in the absence of magic, this is our bad guy’s plan. It’s why you saw them talking to this guy repeatedly (though don’t feel bad if you didn’t catch that’s who that was, I know my character designs aren’t the best, it’s something I’m trying to work on).
This is pretty fortunate for Agneris, though, since our hero said he wouldn’t fight against humans.
And yeah, there’s hundreds of them. I chose to zoom in on a few so you could see it, but in retrospect, it kind of makes it look like there’s only about 5 of them…whoops. (Also, that elf shouldn’t be speaking the human language…I didn’t want to have to translate such a simple line. Really should’ve been another boetheri, but oh well.)

The word the boetheri says in the final panel means something like “empty” – it’s their word for boetheri who are in that overly-aggressive state.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great holiday! See you next week.