The non-compliment that is “different” was actually what he wanted to hear in this case. And hey! A third different look for Nareth in as many chapters (and all three versions have been in the last two updates) am I confusing everyone yet? 🙂

So, I guess first thing’s first…I’m not happy with this page. I don’t know why I had such a block with it, but I just couldn’t get something I liked out of it. This is actually the 7th version of this page, at which point I went with it because it was the best I’d done, and this comic has deadlines to adhere to, but it’s not really how I wanted to introduce this new design. I’ll acknowledge that the new look is part of the problem – it makes him look younger, which is kind of weird – but it’s not the entire answer, since I like it just fine on following pages. It’s more the overall drawing that isn’t working, but the haircut isn’t helping – I did such a bad job of designing these characters in the first place that their hair is all that separates them, so changing his hair practically makes him a new character. My apologies to you guys. That is a problem I am working to fix going forward.

That said, I hope the design doesn’t throw anyone too much. This was actually planned from the beginning for story reasons, so it’s not something I’d decided to do on a whim. It WAS good timing, though. I was really getting tired of drawing the old version – the villain didn’t care about his appearance much, so it got sloppier and sloppier, but I thought it was getting away from me a bit at the end. As I said, I know it makes him look younger, but I don’t really mind that too much. Well, it is what it is…

Thanks for reading! See you next week!