Gotta get Agneris up to speed.

I do have to apologize, I messed something up. Other elves DID come back with Agneris and they were supposed to be in this scene in the background, I just forgot to draw them in…so we’ll say they came in a separate, more low-key transport. For story purposes however, they are here.

And that’s a good segue to something else I wanted to mention. I’ve been dealing with some stuff IRL the last couple of months that’s left me a bit depressed and unfortunately it has affected the comics. It’s nothing major, I’m not fishing for sympathy, and the pages don’t look THAT bad, but they’re sloppy enough that I think it’d be noticeable and if I didn’t say anything it’d just come across as laziness, so I wanted to note it and say that I’m not getting lazy and this isn’t permanent, just if you notice some sloppiness – particularly in the shading – that’s probably why. (It’s especially annoying since with many of these pages, I thought they looked fine while I was working on them, it was only looking back after the fact that I noticed they were actually sub-par. Ugh, oh well.) The pages are still getting completed, though, so there will be no disruption to the schedule.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!