And thus as our characters mosey off into the sunset, here is where we part ways with them. Yes, this is the final page of the comic.

…now that doesn’t mean it’s the end, but I’ll explain more about then when the epilogue (hopefully) posts next week.

Instead I suppose I’ll use this space to talk a little bit about why I decided to end it here. I know it’s kind of an abrupt ending and it may seem like it’s cutting off just as a new story is set to begin. Part of the reason I’m ending it is because this was always intended to be Nareth’s story and arguably Nareth’s story is over. Another reason is that I would anticipate anything from this point on would necessarily involve a lot of politics and I honestly really hate writing politics (what’s coming next will likely involve politics too, but not as much as I imagine this would).
…also I confess that I really like open-ended endings. It can certainly be argued that this one is a little TOO open ended, but honestly there’s nothing I could come up with going forward that would be better than what happens in your own heads. 😀

The long and short of it is that I never want a story to keep going to the point that it begins to overwhelm itself. It was always intended to end here and once a story’s run its course I want to bring it to an end.

There were a lot of ups and downs over the course of this. I always said that the ending was known from the start, and that was always true, but what the ending was actually changed over the course of writing it, which was why some parts ended up kinda weirdly paced, so I’m sorry about that. That’s something I’m intending to fix going forward.

That said, thank you for sticking with me throughout this story, for all the ups and downs. BUT! We’re not done yet! Please come back next week as I hope to post an epilogue to the comic and I’ll talk a bit more about what will be coming next. Thank you!