I decided a four page update wasn’t enough so today you get a seven page update. Enjoy 😀

Okay, okay, so it’s a lot of empty space and all in pencil, so that’s not quite the same thing. See, the “it was all a dream” thing that a lot of stories pull is actually a really big pet peeve of mine, so in presenting this dream sequence, I wanted to make sure that the fact that it was a dream was obvious. Hence, doing it all in pencil with few borders and presenting the entire thing at once so there are no cliffhangers.

…all I’ve really learned from this is that there are a few things I’m really not very good at drawing. I recorded myself drawing a bit of this, though. Page two specifically, which is why that one came out a bit sloppy since I had to adjust for the camera (I actually touched that one up a bit in photoshop after the fact). But if you’re interested, you can see it here.

Thanks for reading! I have no more multiple page updates planned for a while (though I wouldn’t b surprised to see more two-page ones pop up from time to time, just none planned at the moment) but the chapter proper will start next week.