This one was meant to pretty much the opposite of “Escapism” in all ways it could be. Where that had dull, greyed out colors, this has bright, vibrant colors. Where that had simple lighting , this has multiple light sources. Stuff like that.

Also! I recorded the creation of all three of these last images…admittedly for myself more than anything. I like to see the process. The video for this one is the most comprehensive because it also includes the drawing phase, but they’re all interesting for different reasons. (That said, my recording software isn’t great and the video for “Eclipse” is so dark, you can’t see a lot of the shading. Fair warning.)

In addition, I also have AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!
Twisted Mirrors: Rift will begin starting next Monday! The comic will update on every weekday next week and resume the weekly updates the following Monday.
The beginning will honestly not be terribly original. if I had the patience, I’d wait and post the entire prologue and first chapter because they’re the setup for what will come after…buuuuut, I don’t have the patience. 😀

Thank you so much for bearing with me! Stay tuned for Monday when the new comic finally begins!