Welcome to the comic’s new domain – twistedmirrorscomic.com!

The entire archives of the comic are now posted here, though you’ll have to pardon me for some hiccups, (The Grik-nor stories are not in the archives yet, and the translations on some of the pages are missing) I did check through all the archives, but if you come across any issues, please let me know!

The comic will be updated here every Monday from here on out. If you ever don’t see a new page posted on Monday, check either the facebook page or my deviantart page. If you watch either of those, updates to any issues will be posted there as well.

I may be opening up commissions at some point in the future to help pay for the site, but for the time being, I still need to clean things up around here. If you have any suggestions for things that can/should be added to the site, please leave a comment and let me know! (I haven’t had anyone commenting yet, so if you try to comment and have an issue with it, please let me know at dragonsong12@hotmail.com – or at the aforementioned facebook or deviantart.)

Thank you so much for your patience! Hopefully we won’t have to worry about this going forward!